PAT kls XI

Kelas xi
1. The IC used to stabilize the current is
A. TDA2822M              B. ATmega8                  C. LM7805                    D. ATmega2560           E. ATmega328P-PU
2. How many feet of IC ATmega328P-PU?
A. 14                               B.28                                C.15                                D.30                                E.32
3. The first leg on IC ATmega328P-PU is PIN?
A. Reset                          B. Pin D9                        C. Tx                               D. A5          D. A5          E. Pin D8
4. Leg 20 on IC ATmega328P-PU is PIN?
A. Gnd                            B. VCC                           C. Pin D13                     D. VCC 5V                     E. Not connected
5. Leg 7 on IC ATmega328P-PU is PIN?
A. Gnd                            B. VCC 5V                    C. Pin D4                        D. VCC                           E. Pin D3
6. Leg 22 on IC ATmega328P-PU is PIN?
A. Gnd                            B. VCC 5V                    C. Not Connected        D. Pin D13                      E. VCC
7. Pin PWM on IC ATmega 238P-PU is? Except,…
A. Pin D3                        B. Pin D6                        C. Pin D5                        D. Pin D7                        E. Pin D9
8. Legs 26,20,15,10,8,2,1 on IC ATmega328P-PU is PIN?
A. Pin A3, + 5V, Pin D9, X-tal, Gnd, Tx, Reset
B. Pin A3, + 5V, Pin D9, X-tal, Gnd, Rx, Reset
C. Pin A3, + 5V, Pin D10, X-tal, Gnd, Rx, Reset
D. Pin A4, + 5V, Pin D9, X-tal, Gnd, Tx, Reset
E. Pin A3, + 5V, Pin D9, Cristal, Gnd, Tx, Reset
9. Unused legs on IC ATmega328P-PU is?
A. 1                                 B. 9                                 C. 21                               D. 20                               E. 22
10. Software used to process the coding is?
A. ARDUINO ISP                             D. ARDUINO as ISP
B. ARDUINO UNO                          E. ARDUINO Sketch
11. Another way to UP LOAD codingan is?
A. Ctrl + U                     B. Shift + U                    C. Ctrl + Alt + U            D. Ctrl + Shift + U         E. Tab + U
12. Another way to compile / verify coding is?
A. Ctrl + C                      B. Ctrl + V                      C. Ctrl + R                     D. Ctrl + Alt + V            E. Ctrl + Alt + C
13. Another way to open a serial monitor is?
A. Ctrl + S + M              B. Ctrl + M                     C. Ctrl + Shift + M        D. Ctrl + Alt + M           E. Shift + M
14. Which software do we use nowadays series arduino?
A. 1.8.0                           B. 1.8.2                           C. 1.8.3                           D. 1.8.4                           E. 1.8.5
15. IDE stands for?
A. Integrated Depeloptment Enviroenment                         D. International Depelopment Enviroenment
B. Integrated Digital Enviroenment                                       E. International Depeloptment Electric
C. International Digital Enviroenment
16. 24 hours = (milli second)?
A. 1440 ms                    B. 1.440.000 ms           C. 86.400 ms                 D. 8.640.000 ms           E. 86.400.000 ms
17. The language used in Arduino is?
A. C                                 B. C ++                           C. Java                           D. PHP                            E. C #
18. All code will be read 1 time by arduino
A. Void loop                  B. Void setup                C. //                                 D. {}                                E. / * note * /
19. Limited records will not be read by arduino
A. Void loop                  B. Void setup                C. //                                 D. {}                                E. / * note * /
20. Determine the start and end of the program
A. Void loop                  B. Void setup                C.;                                   D. {}                                E. / * note * /
21. The most frequently used variables and can store data by 2 bytes (16 bits)
A. Int (integer)               B. Long                          C. Boolean                                         D. Float                           E. Char (character)
22. Used if the data value is greater than integer. Using 4 bytes (32 bits)
A. Int                              B. Long                          C. Boolean                                         D. Float                           E. char
23. variables that only store TRUE & FALSE values ​​only
A. int                               B. long                            C. Boolean                                        D. Float                           E. Char
24. Stands from ISP
A. Internet service provider                                 D. Internet System Programming
B. In-System Programming chip                       E. In-System Program
C. In-System Programming
25. Extension of SPI
A. Serial Paripherial Interface                            D. International Program Series
B. International program system                       E. Serial Interface Program
C. System paripherial Interface
26. Inventor of C language is?
A. Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie                            D. David Cuartiells
B. Hernando barragan                                                             E. Cuartiells
C. Massimo banzi
27. Sensors for measuring distances
A. Ultrasonic                                                          D. Measure sensor
B. Imfra Red                                                         E. Measuring instrument sensor
C. Distance sensor
28. 16 Mhz crystal function on arduino uno?
A. Trigger                       B. Couple                       C. Clock                         D. Jumper                       E. Reader
29. Which resistor is 1K colored?
A. Brown, black, black                                        D. Brown, brown, black
B. Brown, black, brown                                       E. Black, brown, black
C. Brown, black, red
30. 22n capasitor value written on body capasitor is
A. 221                             B. 222                             C. 223                             D. 224                             E. 220
1.Write the C ++ language with at least 10 languages
2. What do you know about ultrasonic sensors, Bluetooth & RFID
3. Draw the complete IC ATmega328P-PU
4. Describe how to burn bootloader IC ATmega 328P-PU

5. What is the difference between ISP & bootloader

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